Question: Does McDonald's Hire Felons?

Question: does McDonald's hire felons? Answer: Yes, McDonald's does hire felons. When individuals with criminal records seek employment, they often encounter various challenges. One common question is whether large corporations like McDonald's are willing to hire felons. In this article, we will delve into the topic and examine whether McDonald's provides job opportunities to individuals with criminal records. Let's explore this question and shed light on the hiring policies of the renowned fast-food chain.

According to our research, McDonald's has made efforts to provide second chances to individuals with criminal records. The company recognizes that everyone deserves an opportunity to rebuild their lives and contribute positively to society. While we cannot guarantee universal hiring practices for all McDonald's locations, the company has implemented initiatives to create inclusive employment opportunities.

  1. McDonald's Corporation Policies: McDonald's has not publicly released an official policy addressing the employment of felons. However, it is important to note that the company emphasizes fair hiring practices, which focus on an applicant's qualifications, skills, and ability to perform the job. The decision to hire an individual with a criminal record is typically determined on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Ban the Box Movement: McDonald's is an active participant in the "Ban the Box" movement, which advocates for removing the check box that asks about criminal history from job applications. This movement aims to create equal opportunities for individuals with criminal records by allowing them to present their qualifications before disclosing their past convictions.
  3. Individual Franchise Policies: It is crucial to understand that McDonald's operates on a franchise model, with individual owners responsible for hiring decisions at their respective locations. While the corporation may encourage inclusive hiring practices, it ultimately falls upon the franchise owner to establish specific policies. Therefore, hiring practices may vary across different McDonald's locations.
  4. Background Checks: As a multinational corporation, McDonald's places significant importance on ensuring the safety and well-being of its employees and customers. As part of its standard hiring process, the company conducts background checks on potential employees. These checks aim to assess an individual's qualifications, criminal history, and suitability for the position. However, the presence of a criminal record does not necessarily disqualify an applicant from consideration.
  5. Rehabilitation Programs: McDonald's has collaborated with various community organizations and correctional facilities to provide training and job opportunities for individuals with criminal records. These initiatives focus on equipping individuals with the necessary skills to succeed in the workplace and reintegrate into society.


While McDonald's does not have a publicly released policy regarding the employment of felons, the company has demonstrated a commitment to inclusive hiring practices. Through their participation in the "Ban the Box" movement and various rehabilitation programs, McDonald's strives to offer individuals with criminal records a chance at employment and reintegration.

It is important to note that the hiring decisions ultimately rest with the individual franchise owners. Therefore, the policies and practices may vary across different McDonald's locations. Individuals with criminal records interested in seeking employment with McDonald's should directly contact their local franchise for the most accurate and up-to-date information.


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